Bedtime Bunny is a rabbit who lives in the Land Of Hush and the first TV-Exclusive character in the Pajanimals TV Series. Bedtime Bunny would sometimes fall asleep during conversations. Whenever a loud noise is heard, Bedtime Bunny would widen her eyes and fall to the ground (for example, in A Super Sweet Night, Cowbella's voice became loud and yucky and rusty when Bedtime Bunny falls to the ground). Like Bedtime Bear in the Care Bears, Bedtime Bunny would sleep and dream of anything she likes. The Pajanimals would ride on Cowbella's bed or Sweetpea Sue's bed to her for advice. She appeared in one episode.


  1. Blankie in The Laundry (first appearance)
  2. A Super Sweet Night
  3. Super Squacky
  4. The Rocket Ride
  5. Time Out For Two
  6. A Laugh A Minute
  7. Snow Buisness (last appearance)